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It’s Our Turn

 to Give Back

We simply want our veterans to live happily and comfortably in the country that they have served.

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At Veterans Point Louisiana, we want our veterans to get the services and support they need and deserve. 

 We provide:

  • Shelter assistance referrals for homeless veterans to assist with placement.
  • Minor home repairs assistance, by purchasing items needed for the home repairs. 
  • Home loan assistance, with another veteran who has your best interest at heart.
  • Peer support.
  • Benefits STATUS assistance, where someone will be available to guide you with the process.

  • Employment assistance, through contacts and recommendations on our behalf.
  • Career support and business start-up. Which will be conducted through professionals.

Minor Home Repairs consist of:

  • Caulking of: windows, doors, tubs, showers...etc. 
  • Handrails/Grab Bar repairs or installments.
  • Repair or install ramps.
  • Windows, doors, locks repairs or replacements.
  • Small cracks or holes.

We will be offering opportunities for veterans to attend trips supported by other veteran organizations.

  •  Trips to visit veteran museums, rodeos, sports, fishing and so much more.

Above all, we will provide sponsorships for veterans to enhance their endeavors!!!!

We also provide FREE clothing to our homeless veterans (Men/Women) and veterans with a need for an event.

Veterans seeking FREE clothing, must show military ID, and appointments must be made in advance.

Homeless veterans must be accompanied by a representative of the shelter.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.